The conference will be fully virtual.

Workshop Attendance

The workshops are asynchronous. The authors' presentations will have the form of short videos (5 - 8 minutes, according to the rules given by the workshop organizers) broadcasted through some cloud platform or video platform. Videos and slides of the presentations will be made available to the participants 4 - 5 days before the events.

Nevertheless, each workshop will have a time colocation and authors' presentations will have a schedule as usual. Each person interprets the schedule in their own time zone. The aim of the schedule is: (i) to get a commitment to spend time watching talks and engaging with comments; and (ii) to create synchronisation, allowing for some discussion and social interaction. Authors are expected to regularly monitor and respond to questions and comments on their presented paper.

Interaction among the authors and the participants and among the participants themselves will be achieved through a collaborative and communicative platform by means of dedicated channels/threads for each paper, chat rooms, or the like. The intention is to use the Slack platform but other platforms will be evaluated. The attendees are expected to watch the video for a talk and then feel free to post questions and comments using Slack.

More details about the organization of each workshop are provided by their respective organizers.

Conference Events Attendance

The conference's keynotes, open events, panel discussions, awards will be synchronous. Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Zoom, or Cisco WebEx will be exploited for broadcasting these events.