The conference will be fully virtual.

We will be mainly using some messaging and web conferencing tools:

  • Slack (Communication, discussion and coordination for both workshops and plenary events)
  • Google Meet, Zoom, etc. (Workshop synchronous events)
  • Cisco Webex (Plenary events)

Slack Workspace

All communications and discussions related to the conference and workshops will take place through the Slack platform.

You will receive an invitation link to join the AIxIA 2020 workspace by e-mail from the conference organizers.

A channel dedicated to each workshop is available, you can join them to watch the video presentations, ask questions, etc. etc. More information on channels is available here.

Below, a short video illustrating the basic use of the platform for the conference's purposes is available.

During the breaks (coffee, lunch) you are encouraged to visit the #social channel on Slack, and, if you wish, join an informal video conference using Jitsi (instructions are in the #social channel on Slack).

slack-icon Events denoted with this symbol in the schedule will be coordinated through Slack.

Workshop Attendance

The workshops are asynchronous. The authors' presentations will have the form of short pre-recorded videos (5 - 8 minutes, according to the rules given by the workshop organizers) broadcasted on Vimeo and shared through Slack. Videos and slides of the presentations will be made available to the participants 4 - 5 days before the events, so you can watch them whenever you prefer and then feel free to post questions and comments.

Nevertheless, each workshop will have a time collocation and authors' presentations will have a schedule as usual. The aim of the schedule is: (i) to get a commitment to spend time watching talks and engaging with comments; and (ii) to create synchronisation, allowing for some discussion and social interaction. Authors are expected to regularly monitor and respond to questions and comments on their presented paper.

Carefully check the workshops websites and Slack channels because synchronous events may be scheduled, as well.

More details about the organization of each workshop are provided by their respective organizers.

Workshops live events will take place by using the web conferencing platform chosen by the workshop organizers (e.g., Google Meet, Zoom, etc.). The links to join each meeting will be posted on Slack in each workshop's channel.

As a member of AIxIA you have at your disposal a Google Account Please, use this account to join meetings in Google Meet so as to simplify the identification of the participants.

Conference Events Attendance

Keynotes and plenary events will take place live by using Cisco Webex.

You will receive by email the instructions to join each event.

It is recommended to use the Webex Meetings client, which can be downloaded here.

slack-icon Events denoted with this symbol in the schedule will take place on Cisco Webex.